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¿Cuáles son las características de un centro de mecanizado tipo pórtico?
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¿Cuáles son las características de un centro de mecanizado tipo pórtico?

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A gantry type machining center is a piece of complex, large-scale equipment used for machining operations. It is used to cut and shape metal, plastic and composite materials for manufacturing purposes. The gantry type machining center is a powerful machine, capable of performing a variety of tasks with precision and accuracy. It is frequently used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, tool and die, and machine shops.

  • High Rigidity Structure

  • High Speed Completion

  • High Precision

  • Large Workpiece Capability

  • Versatile Tool Mounting System

High Rigidity Structure

The first characteristic of a gantry type machining center is its high-rigidity structure. This structure ensures the accuracy of the machining process and prevents large vibrations. It features a bridge structure with a well-designed rib structure and reinforced gantry, which allows for large-scale cutting of different materials. The bridge can support a wide variety of cutting tools and materials, and the reinforced gantry ensures the stability of the entire system. With its high rigidity structure, the gantry type machining center has higher stability and accuracy than other machining centers.

High Speed Completion

Gantry type machining centers are known for their high speed completion of complex machining tasks. The gantry type machining center is specifically designed with a large spindle and a high acceleration rate, allowing it to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete a task. This type of machining center is capable of achieving speeds of up to 7,000 RPM, enabling it to complete complex machining tasks that would normally take multiple machines to complete. The gantry type machining center is also designed with a large working area, allowing it to handle work pieces much larger than those handled by other machining centers.

High Precision

High precision is the hallmark of gantry type machining centers. The precision of the machine is determined by the accuracy of the components and the rigidity of the machine. The spindle is the heart of the machine, and its accuracy and rigidity must be carefully designed and maintained. The overall accuracy of the machine is determined by the accuracy of the components, the rigidity of the structure, and the quality of the machining process. By using high quality components and precise machining processes, the gantry type machining center can achieve high accuracy and repeatability.

Large Workpiece Capability

Gantry type machining centers are especially well-suited for handling large workpieces. With their large, open frames, gantry machines are able to accommodate workpieces of all sizes, with larger pieces being easily held and machined due to the extra available space. This is especially helpful for those who work with large, heavy components such as castings, forgings, and weldments. Additionally, gantry machining centers are ideal for working with long, slender pieces, such as extruded shapes, that require increased rigidity and stability.

Versatile Tool Mounting System

One of the key characteristics of a gantry type machining center is a versatile tool mounting system. This allows tools to be quickly and easily changed over to suit different operations. The tool mounting system typically consists of a tool holder, an air cylinder, and a tool changer. This system ensures that tools can be quickly and easily exchanged without any manual intervention, making for a much more efficient production process. Additionally, the tool mounting system allows for multiple tools to be mounted at once, allowing for more efficient operations.

The gantry type machining center is an extremely versatile and efficient production tool that can carry out a variety of cutting and drilling operations with precision. Huadong tells you more knowledge, welcome to consult.




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